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All Stages Cat Food Product image

All Stages Cat Food

Nutritious diet for cats of all ages. Supports digestion, bones, and coat.

Kitten Cat Food

Kitten Cat Food

Nourishes growing kittens. Strengthens muscles, bones, immunity, and brain while aiding digestion.

What's in it for your pets?

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Improves Brain & Nervous System Functions

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Healthier Skin and Shinier Coat

Bone icon

Stronger Bones and Teeth

Eye icon

Nourishes Eyesight

Nutrient icon

Easier Nutrient Absorption

Hair icon

More Hairball Control

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Reduces Stool Odour

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Strengthens Immune System

Pawsitively Awesome

Pawsitively Awesome

Pawsitively Awesome

Pawsitively Awesome

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and happiness of pets through compassionate care, quality products, and impactful initiatives. We strive to be a trusted owner for pet owners, providing them with the resources, support, and solutions, they need to give their pets the best possible life.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every pet is loved, healthy, and thriving. We envision a society that recognizes the significance of pets in our lives and values their welfare. Through education, innovation, and community engagement, we aim to foster a strong bond between humans and pets, ensuring a brighter future for all companion animals.

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We offer premium pet foods and a variety of high-quality pet foods that are tailored to meet the nutritional needs of your furry friend. Find the perfect food for your pet today!

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Our Pricing

Kitten Cat Food Packaging

Kitten Cat Food 20Kg

Suggested Retail Price | ₱3,000.00

Per Kilo | ₱150.00

All Stages Cat Food Packaging

All Stages Cat Food 20Kg

Suggested Retail Price | ₱2,900.00

Per Kilo | ₱145.00

Better Protein-to-Price Ratio than the Competition

Paws Above the Rest: Embracing the Unmatched Brilliance of Our Brand

What's in it for you?

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Competitive Pricing

We believe that everyone deserves access to top-notch products/services without breaking the bank. Our pricing model is designed to be competitive without compromising on quality.

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Marketing Support

We understand the critical role that marketing collateral plays in driving product awareness, generating leads, and closing sales. We will be providing different kinds of marketing support to help and provide satisfaction and assistance to our dealers and customers.

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Promos and Incentives

We understand that a motivated and engaged sales team is the driving force behind any successful business. With our sales promo/incentives program, you can expect of multitude of benefits that will empower your team and fuel their hunger for success.

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